Practical and convenient

Concept: Leg holder ELEv8

Leg holder ELEv8 – Practical and convenient

The urological leg holder „ELEv8“ is a concept, we adapted from DK technologies. Currently, the leg holder is not available on the market. But don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are interested.

Seitenansicht urologischer Beinhalter ELEv8 mit 3D Gelenk

Optimal settings

The urological leg holder „ELEv8“ from DK is designed, so that you can put the patient’s leg in the right position without effort. With the help of the 3D joint, the support cushion can be placed in an individual position for each patient to support the leg comfortably and stable.

Thanks to the 3D joint and many easy adjustment options, you will always find the optimal position for the patient!

Seitenansicht urologischer Beinhalter ELEv8 mit 3D Gelenk

Interest in ELEv8?

Would you like to see this concept realized? Then contact us without obligation!

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