EndoMotion – Articulated arm with laparoscope holder

Our “EndoMotion” surgical positioning system, based on the universal SolidLock articulated arm, has an attachement designed especially for laparoscopic procedures. It is just as intuitive and precise to use as the SolidLock. And the laparoscope holder EndoMotion allows you to work closer to the patient thanks to a shorter reach and stepless height adjustment.

Thanks to its unique mechanism, our “helping hand” can be operated with one hand – so repositioning the laparoscope is also simple and intuitive. EndoMotion can be attached to any standard OR rail with the help of its holder.

EndoMotion – Articulated arm with laparoscope holder

360° support during laparoscopy

Our “helping hand” enables precise positioning of the laparoscope on the patient. This is made possible by the six degrees of freedom of the articulated arm and the 360° rotatable holding device. Once in position, the EndoMotion remains stable until the handle is released and the product is repositioned.

Easy, precise and intuitive to use

EndoMotion is based on our universal SolidLock articulated arm. The unique mechanism can be operated with one hand and enables 360° positioning of the system in the room.

Stepless heigt adjustment

The working height of the EndoMotion can be easily adjusted to the operating field. For this purpose, the articulated arm has 50 cm additional tube lengths on the surgical rail holder, which can be seamlessly adjusted in just two simple steps.

Working lenghts

up to 70 cm, over 6 joints


aluminium, stainless steel, PETP, PPSU-1000

SolidLock HS

Hinged arm with lift and swivel handle

SolidLock HS-500ext

Hinged arm with lift and swivel handle and 500 mm additional tube lengths for height

SolidLock F

Hinged arm with flange handle

SolidLock Ff

Hinged arm with flange handle and fixed adapter plate

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One-handed holding arm for laparoscopes

Our EndoMotion is based on the flexible SolidLock universal arm and can therefore be operated with one hand. It therefore offers a reliable positioning aid and can be realigned during operation with a fluid movement. As soon as the laparoscope holder is positioned, the EndoMotion is fixed in place. This means that the usual procedures continue without delay and you have your hand free.

Height-adjustable articulated arm for endoscopy and laparoscopy

The tube lengths of the EndoMotion are designed so that you can work directly above the patient. This is made easier by the option of height adjustment. This allows you to easily reach any point in the operating field.

Mobile and easy to transport

The EndoMotion laparoscope holder can be easily folded up and transported from one location to the next or stored for the next use. Thanks to the supplied surgical rail mount or floor stand (available on request), our positioning arm can be used in almost any location.

Approved medical laparoscope holder

In medicine, our rotating and swiveling arm may only be used by trained medical professionals in a surgical environment in doctors’ surgeries or operating theatres. There, the EndoMotion is attached to a surgical rail or similar holder and positions your laparoscope relative to the patient. The laparoscope holder can be used for endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures on all patient groups.

In accordance with EU MDR 2017/745, all SolidLock variants are approved as Class I non-invasive medical devices and for temporary or short-term use.