Safe placement by matching needleguides


Needle guide: Safe placement by matching templates

Transperineal applications are indispensable in urology. In prostate biopsies, transperineal access offers a safe and clean alternative to transrectal die, in other areas such as focal therapies (cryotherapy, brachytherapy, etc.) it is without alternative.

For precise and safe placement of needles, we have the right template (guide grid) for every application!

If you need a special template for your application, please send us a request!

Reusable template

In sizes from 14G to 18G for all types of urological transperineal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Half hole sizes and small hole spacings can also be ordered on request. The regular version has a 5mm hole spacing and comes with the label A to G and 1 to 7, also here other labels are possible.

Fixation template

In sizes from 14G to 18G especially for HDR-Brachytherapy (e.g. Varian Bravos™, VariSource™ iX, or GammaMedplus™ iX or BEBIG HDR+) with 5mm hole spacing and a special clamping plate for securely fixing the needles. Also helpful are the loops for sewing the template on the perineum of the patient

Sterile disposable template

Available in size 18G, with 5mm hole spacing and labeled A to G and 1 to 7. The templates come sterilely packed in 5 packs and are intended for single use. Unique here are two extra rows of holes next to the probe in case lateral/dorsal needles have to be placed.

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