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    withour compromises : MRI-Fusion

    Why MRI-Fusion?

    7 years ago, systematic biopsies was the predominant diagnostic method in case of suspected prostate cancer. After the first generation of MRI fusion technologies emerged, it quickly became clear that this technique has potential to revolutionize the diagnostic pathway in case of suspicion of PCa. In the meantime, MRI Fusion has established itself as the new gold standard in prostate cancer diagnostics.

    Our MRT fusion system „BioJet“ convinces with an intuitive operation, high precision and consistently good results!

    In 3 simple steps, the MRI fusion with „BioJet“ takes place

    BioJet MRI-Fusionbiopsies first step contouring of the prostate and the suspicious areas in the MRI

    First step: contouring of the prostate and the suspicious areas in the MRI

    In a few simple steps, the markings are set in the software. The software complements missing contours and saves time with high accuracy

    BioJet MRI-Fusionbiopsies second step fusion of MRI data in real time with ultrasound image

    Second step: fusion of MRI data in real time with ultrasound image

    The MRI data is merged in real time with the ultrasound image in transverse and sagittal planes. Precise and robust trackers transmit the position of the ultrasonic probe to the software

    BioJet MRI-Fusionbiopsies Third step Precise biopsies including 3D reconstruction in real time

    Third step: Precise biopsies including 3D reconstruction in real time

    With just one click, the biopsies taken are marked and documented. A useful 3D animation shows all biopsies taken in real time.

    MRI guided Prostate Biopsies

    A complete documentation with many extra features is also included in the software.

    Even if you have biopsed with the ultrasound probe in your hand, you will quickly notice with this new technology how useful a reliable fixation and precise guidance of the ultrasound probe is! Thanks to our „hands-free“ system, MRI fusion can also be carried out for a single person! While you are operating needle and software, you no longer have to worry about the ultrasound probe:

    The complete system therefore comes with the proven Solo A positioning system and includes not only the urology software but also a radiology version to improve cooperation and data transfer between radiology and urology. The system is available for both transperineal die and transrectal approach.

    Due to the modular design of our positioning system, we can offer a wide compatibility with regard to ultrasound devices and ultrasound probes.

    Advantages of BioJet MRI-fusion

    Here are some key features at a glance:

    • Real-time MRT Fusion
    • „Hands-Free“ Biopsy
    • Real-time 3D model of the prostate
    • PACS compatible
    • Documentation
    • Radiology tool included
    • Positioning system Solo A can also be used for other applications

    Brochure BioJet MRI-Fusion

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